Overview of the School

The Australian School of Contemporary Chinese (ASCC) is Accredited and Registered Specialist Education Provider by the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS), Department of Education and Training in ACT since December 2008.

The school seeks to serve as a center for learning Chinese language and culture in the Australian context. It strives for:

•quality teaching and learning and pursuit of excellence by students and staff;

•a safe, well organised educational environment which encourages students early and continuing learning Chinese language;

•development of responsible Australian citizens who have the language skills and understanding of the Chinese culture and society

•an inclusive school culture that respect all students and their diverse backgrounds, needs, interests and achievements.

ASCC offers different Chinese programs for different learning groups, i.e. Foundation – Year 10 Chinese program, T Course Chinese program, adult Chinese language programs, etc. The programs are developed and implemented under the Australian Curriculum and International Standard for Chinese Language Teaching. These are based upon the most updating teaching materials.

The classes in ASCC range from Prep to Year 12 T Courses for the school-aged children. Prep classes intake children at age of 4, sometimes maybe 3.5 depends on the child’s readiness to early start to learn another language. Most of the students are attending the immersion Chinese classes in a Chinese-speaking environment, while bilingual Chinese classes are purposely developed for those non-Chinese speaking backgrounds. Those who have English, international family background or adopted children with Chinese origins are suitable for this class. Year 11 & 12 students may enrol as Beginners or Continuing levels according to their language backgrounds.

The school-aged Chinese classes are operated during ACT government school terms with a group of registered, qualified, experienced and responsible teachers for teaching at different levels. An obligation free trial lesson is offered for those who are interested in these classes but not sure which classes to enrol.

At the end of the academic year, all attendants for Chinese programs in ASCC will obtain Certificate co-signed by representative from the ACT Department of Education and Training, the president of ACT Community Language Schools Association (ACTCLSA) and the ASCC Principal.