HSK Registration

How to register:

1. Complete the registration form for HSK/HSKK, YCT or BCT;

2. Make payment for the test/s of your choice by either online transfer (Account name: ASCC; BSB number: 062 904; Account No. 1034 5608) or cash payment at one of the ASCC campus/offices; and

3. Email a scanned copy of your form and receipt to hsk@trilong.com.au.

Important Note:

Registration will only be accepted when the form and payment are received before the registration closes.

Admission ticket will be sent out two weeks after the registration deadline.

Registration Fees:

Test Fee (A$) Test Fee (A$) Test Fee (A$)
HSK I 35 HSKK Beginner 35 YCT I 20
HSK II 35 HSKK Intermediate 55 YCT II 20
HSK III 55 HSKK Advanced 75 YCT III 30
HSK V 75 BCT (A) 70 YCT Speaking Beginner 20
HSK VI 75 BCT(B) 90 YCT Speaking Intermediate 30

For Further information and registration, please contact hsk@trilong.com.au.