How to prepare for HSK test

General preparation

* Learn the contents : The Australian Curriculum: Standard Chinese series that ASCC is introducing in Gungalhin and Woden campuses are aligned with the HSK requirements.

* Set up revision: Schedule your study sessions, Set up specific goals

Prepare for the test

* Understand the test

Read the test guide and be familiar with the format/structure, types of questions, what are expected

* Take practice test under timed condition

* Mark and analyse your practice tests

Ask teacher for help if needed

Do the best on the test

* Arrival (30 min earlier, restricted entry after the test commenced)

* What to bring: admission ticket, photo ID, 2B pencils, eraser, black pen for signing (no ID, no test) — Do not bring: food, drink, books, notebooks, electronic devices, and other items not required for the test. More details