Chinese Programs

Chinese is the core subject of the ASCC. ASCC Offers a full range of Chinese programs covering from pre-schooler to adult learners. The school aged programs are mainly held at the south, north and west campuses of the school during weekends of the ACT school terms. Adult classes are mainly held at Civic during week day evening. Click here for details.

From 2015, we started to trial Australian Curriculum Chinese at our south and north campuses, using the teaching materials Standard Chinese – Australian Curriculum we compiled.

Standard Chinese – Australian Curriculum is a new series of textbooks and workbooks developed for Australian school aged children based upon the Australian Curriculum: Chinese (released in mid-2014) and International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education (Hanban). It has five Stages covering ten years of schooling from Year 1 to Year 10.

The books are organised into eight sets of textbooks and workbooks for each Stage or two years, covering eight major themes of communication and language uses.

Each set of books contains six lessons. They are designed to build up student’s knowledge, understanding and capability in the language and culture. The expected outcomes are to be realised in the learning activities in each lesson.

Within each lesson, a carefully selected theme text is presented. This is the key material for the lesson as it contains all aspects the learning in the lesson. It is then broken down to small size of tasks for students to learn and practice. Through this process students learn the key concepts and processes and different aspects of the language and culture, as defined in the Australian Curriculum.

The theme based content and capability focused approach is best realised in a variety of communicative and engaging activities offered through this program. It also contributes to other areas of learning, e.g. history and geography, ICT, critical and creative thinking, and intercultural understanding.

Additional classes in ASCC linking to ASCC Coaching School: Written English, Elite Maths, Chinese Painting, Martial Arts, Music (Gu Zheng).