ASCC HSK Test Centre

Canberra HSK Test Center Officially Settled in The Australian School of Contemporary Chinese (ASCC)

ACT Education Minister MLA Joy Burch and the Minister Councilor of Education Xu Xiao from Chinese Embassy together inaugurated the first Canberra HSK Test Center on 29th July 2015.

After nearly 10 years of application, the Chinese Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Australian School of Contemporary Chinese have signed an agreement to establish a HSK Test Center in Canberra.

HSK is an official Chinese Proficiency Test developed by the Chinese government agency for study and employment in China. The Shadow Minister of Education Mr Steve Doszpot, the Director of International Education Ms Nicole King, the Senior Manger of Curriculum Mr. Martin Hine, the President of ACT Community Language Schools Association Mr Javad Mehr, the Principal of Canberra Grammar School Dr Justin Garrick, the People Ambassador of Australia Mr Sam Wong AM, ACT Federation of Chinese Communities chairman Mr Andrew Yan, the President of Australia Chinese Association Ms Chin Wong, the Chairman of the Chinese Cultural Exchange & Promotion Association Mr Hsing Chou, “Oriental Daily” senior director Mr Kevin Ye, and the Principal Ms Chunling Wang, teachers and students from Second High School of Shandong University and the Australian School of Contemporary Chinese, almost hundred people have witnessed the inaugural ceremony of Canberra HSK Test Center.

China Hanban HSK Center has established test centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisband and now another test center has been set up in Canberra, which is organized by the China Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, and hosted by Australian School of Contemporary Chinese. This contributes to the implementation and promotion of Chinese language exam, and creates favorable conditions for the Canberra region institutions and the public. The Canberra HSK test center opens to the public, and serves all the people

Dr Xiaomei Ma, an ASCC Deputy Principal involved ASCC with ACT T Course moderation and coordination, was appointed as the Director of ACT HSK Test Centre.

Admission range:

Open to universities, secondary schools, primary schools, Chinese community language schools, Australian Government agencies, companies and any individuals and educational institutions in Canberra.

There are four types of tests in Canberra HSK test center that are HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT, and Canberra HSK test center will take collective or individual registration. The will be 2 centralized examination twice each year in May and October. If there is requirement of oneto-one test, the time can be arranged based on personal needs.

The information of HSK candidates from Canberra Center will submitted to the China Hanban HSK center. The Chinese Hanban HSK Center will issue the result reports.

Canberra HSK test centers registration starts from 1st August 2015. Further information will be available on this site shortly. Enquiry may be made through, or (612) 61760528; 61006478. Contacts: Mr He 0425910505; Ms Sun:0430835542.