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ASCC 2021 April Chinese Cultural Camp Holiday Program

ASCC 2021 School Year Starts on 30 & 31 January with school-aged children classes and Adult Chinese Program starts on 1, 2, 3 and 4 February 2021.

ASCC Enrolment and Fees for Semester Two 2020

ACT TQI Approved PL Program:Chinese Teaching: Tradition and the New Era

Call for 2021 enrolment

2020 ASCC Chinese Culture Camp Holiday Program

ACTCLSA Enrolment Form Deadline Extended to 6 May 2019 (Download the Form)

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2021_ASCC_Calendar  (including term start and end dates, test dates, mid-term break dates (public holiday long weekends, and Chinese Proficiency Tests – HSK YCT BCT dates).

Open for enrolment – 2021.